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2014 Calendar?

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Re: 2014 Calendar?

Posted:21 Jan 2013 (17:58 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We hope to have the 2014 Calendars out by the end of this week!

In regards to the images. If you could please email the concern to for us to review, along with the email associated with the account!

PrestoPhoto support
Valerie Griffin
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2014 Calendar?

Posted:19 Jan 2013 (02:58 UTC)
I'm ready to attempt to create a 2014 calendar using the "11x8.5 Custom Online Photo Calendar"

I just uploaded about 15 photos but afterwards do not see them. Yes, I logged on first. Is there a 2014 Calendar option or will it be avail at a future date?

and where are those photos that I SAW were being uploaded?