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Photos finally uploaded

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Re: Photos finally uploaded

Posted:21 Jan 2013 (18:01 UTC)


You should be able to edit the images once they are in their template. If you are not could you please email the project ID# to support@prestophoto.com and we'll take a closer look!

Our Calendar comes with basic dates etc. Anything that you don't see there you can add using the captions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcATwwU9KJY&list=UUgWmJwU2t0SRxjGkHaEVzGA&index=17

PrestoPhoto support
Valerie Griffin
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Photos finally uploaded

Posted:20 Jan 2013 (03:17 UTC)
in regards to my "2014 Calendar" post - I saw that the photos finally uploaded but they did take quite some time. I may try the "Classic Uploader" next time.

I deleted my project and intend to start all over - I saw that once the photos were "auto placed" I couldn't edit them - crop, etc. Can one only do the editing PRIOR to placing them in the template pages?

ALSO, would like to know - is the 2014 Calendar dates, other details (moon phases) placed within your calendar AFTER finalizing it???