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Changing template of page

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Re: Changing template of page

Posted:31 Jan 2013 (18:48 UTC)
Maggie, thanks for letting us know! Please be sure that your browser is updated. If it is and you are still experiencing this issue, can you please send us an email to support@prestophoto.com with the project ID? Also, let us know if you are seeing a blank screen or if it appears to be loading.

PrestoPhoto Support
Maggie Krantz
Joined: 01 Dec 2012

Changing template of page

Posted:31 Jan 2013 (18:11 UTC)

I have been working on a few photo books for a while and suddenly, I cannot change the template of a page any more. I used to be able to click "add templates," which would open a window from which I could drag and drop different templates to different pages. Now, when I click "add templates" or the template link under the page number on the right, nothing happens. What's the issue? I have half of one book done, and essentially now I cannot move forward unless I accept the default template for the remaining pages - which I do not want to do. Please help - I don't want to lose my work and have to start over!