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Meghan Haviland
Joined: 13 Feb 2013

Re: presto photo logo

Posted:10 Feb 2014 (14:23 UTC)
Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your comment! We do still off this service and it is available in the Webstore right before you add the products you wish to purchase to your cart. I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions. biggrin

Warm regards,
Jessica Del Genio
Joined: 05 Jul 2012

presto photo logo

Posted:08 Feb 2014 (20:16 UTC)
At viovio I could pay $10 extra to have the viovio logo removed from the book. Now I have to pay $149 for a professional membership to get that option? I'm going back to apple. I am very sad as I liked your quality and options better.