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Imagewrap Matte Hardcover

Joined: 13 Sep 2006

Re: Imagewrap Matte Hardcover

Posted:20 Feb 2014 (22:55 UTC)
Hi Lisa,

The standard gloss coating that is on our Imagewrap Hardcover has more resistance to moisture than does the Matte Hardcover. As for scratches, the Matt Hardcover is able to withstand scratches better than our regular Imagewrap Hardcover, since it does not have a gloss coating.
Lisa Summerlin
Joined: 28 Dec 2007

Imagewrap Matte Hardcover

Posted:20 Feb 2014 (19:02 UTC)

I'm trying to choose between the Imagewrap Matte Hardcover and the standard Imagewrap Hardcover. As I understand it, "matte" applies only to the cover; the interior pages will be identical for these two options. Is one of these covers more durable over time? Are there differences in how they will show fingerprints, scuffs, etc? Is the "matte" a matte laminate?

Thank you,