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Re: iPhoto book page limit

Posted:01 Nov 2014 (23:35 UTC)
Hi Fariba! We have directions on how to save 2 iPhoto books as one, along with some other FAQs, at our iPhoto help page here: www.prestophoto.com/help/Apple+iPhoto+Book+Printing There isn't a way to edit your iPhoto book once you've saved and uploaded it to PrestoPhoto, so you would need to return to iPhoto to make any changes and then upload the book over the original project. :)

I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at support@prestophoto.com!
Fariba Soetan
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iPhoto book page limit

Posted:01 Nov 2014 (20:14 UTC)
Hi, I have already saved my iPhoto books to pdf and am now trying to upload two iPhoto book s into one but it doesn't allow me to move the pictures. How do I do it because I read somewhere on this forum that the way to get around the 100 page limit in iPhoto is to save multiple albums to pdf then move them into one. Just don't know how to move them into one. I've uploaded both albums into my projects if you can help!
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