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PowerPoint for mac2011

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Re: PowerPoint for mac2011

Posted:10 May 2016 (12:41 UTC)
Oh my, PowerPoint can be hard in that the PDF may not save out at 300 dpi which will result in blurry / fuzzy images in your book. Please do check out our page for PowerPoint,+PowerPoint,+and+Word and honestly, exporting the slides to .jpgs at 300 dpi is a great option. You can put all the .jpgs in a folder on your desktop and drag that folder to your PrestoPhoto account — easy :)
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PowerPoint for mac2011

Posted:05 May 2016 (14:46 UTC)
I've recently got a new Macbook and have been making a photobook in PowerPoint, which is PowerPoint for Mac 2011. I have saved my file as a pdf via the PowerPoint "Save As" menu, can I not upload this?
On the website it says this version of "powerPoint is not eligible"??