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Follow-up On my Order

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Re: Follow-up On my Order

Posted:24 May 2016 (12:51 UTC)
Jennifer, oh my, I'm sorry to hear that you are still waiting on your order. Please do send a note to support @ prestophoto . com and I promise we will research this for you. I can't tell your login ID from this post or I would try to research it for you now.
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Follow-up On my Order

Posted:14 May 2016 (16:20 UTC)
I placed my order on Friday, April 29th. I received an email that my item was expected to ship on Wednesday, May 4th. It is now May 14th and I have still not received the order. I sent an email to customer support and have not received any response. I asked for a status of exactly when it was sent out to me as I have been on the look out and need the items in a matter of days. I hope that requesting a status is not out of line. I read that it could take up to 7 business days...but we have extended that by some days. I would just appreciate some response.