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Re: Cropping

Posted:08 Sep 2016 (15:17 UTC)
Hi Keri,

Thanks for your comment! In any of our standard size books (6"x9" and above) 1/8th of the edges are automatically trimmed during production to ensure that the pages are flush. Due to any potential for shifting during printing we do not guarantee any content that is within .25" of the edge of each page. We call this the caution area and it's represented by the Red Crop guide. We have some examples, FAQs, and more in-depth information on this here: :)

I hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at

Have a great day!
Keri Teufel
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Posted:06 Sep 2016 (23:35 UTC)
How much cropping actually occurs in a landscape 11x8.5 photo book? I uploaded 11x 8.5 photoshop files in pdf form and would like to know if they will actually be cropped.. I don't want to add a trim zone around my images that ends up not actually getting trimmed.
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