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Reproduce old scrapbooks

Comment on 8.5x11 Photo Book
Lisa Hardie
Joined: 08 May 2011

Re: Reproduce old scrapbooks

Posted:17 Jul 2017 (05:41 UTC)
Hi alliehop,
how did your old scrapbook project turn out? I am about to embark on the same project and am wondering how other people have fared.
Joined: 04 Jan 2017

Reproduce old scrapbooks

Posted:05 Jan 2017 (14:15 UTC)
I am trying to turn my old 3 ring binder 8.5x11 scrapbooks into new hard cover books. I am scanning in my pages and pulling them into the new book but it looks like the edge will be cropped off. How do I shrink my image to fit? I don't mind if there is a white border on the page.