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Re: MyPublisher Question

Posted:28 Apr 2017 (18:59 UTC)
Hi Gleaman,

Thanks so much for your email!

While the MyPublisher site is still up and running, you can absolutely save the projects created there as PDF's and upload them to our site (: Since MyPublisher is closing on May 8th, we are unsure of if there will be a way to continue to use their software to create your books, however we are definitely willing to work with you if we do find that it is possible!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at (:

Thanks so much!
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MyPublisher Question

Posted:03 Mar 2017 (19:08 UTC)
I have an ongoing photo book I created using the MyPublisher program for work with all the current employee's photos as well as the past ones. I really don't want to start all over since I have been updating it since 2010 for those that retire. Will I be able to continue using the MyPublisher program I have installed on my computer and the save it as an export, then upload to you to have it printed? I have looked at other web sites for creating photo books and they all require online upload and use, nothing I can make on my computer then upload. It is a real pain. Stuff doesn't get saved or the internet times out and I lose what I have worked on. Thank you,
Gleaman Burks
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