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Re: time frame

Posted:23 Mar 2017 (18:52 UTC)
Hi Melissa,

Manufacturing times for our Hardcovers takes around 5-6 business days. Our softcovers take between 2-4 business days, which precedes shipping times.

When you'll need to place your order all depends on the shipping method you choose. When deadlines are involved, we suggest placing your order as soon as possible, though a 2-week lead time is recommended to ensure we can meet your deadlines!

Let us know if you need any other help!
Melissa Thomas
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time frame

Posted:15 Mar 2017 (19:48 UTC)
I am making a 175page 12 by 12 photo book and want to have it by May 25, 2017 How much time do I need to give you to prepare it and ship it
Melissa Thomas
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