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iPhoto Upload question

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Re: iPhoto Upload question

Posted:18 Sep 2017 (17:43 UTC)
Hi Khalel,

So that I can help you best, would you be able to send us an email to support@prestophoto.com with your Project ID#? That way I can take a look at your project and we can see (:

Let me know if you have any questions!
Warm Regards,
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Joined: 17 Sep 2017

iPhoto Upload question

Posted:17 Sep 2017 (19:40 UTC)
Just have a couple of questions.
I managed to mixed two Apple iPhoto Books to achieve the over 100 pages limits. I uploaded the PDF file to your system BUT every page seems like it'll be cut off because they are a little bit in the red zone (it's a hardcover book 11x8.5). Though the dust cover looks great. Any way to zoom out every page to fit within the red zone? Don't think I have the time to redo every page in iPhoto again :-(. If not, how do I cancel/delete permanently my account?
Thank you.