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Embedded fonts?

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Re: Embedded fonts?

Posted:22 Nov 2017 (18:29 UTC)
Hi Alice!

Unfortunately, there is no way around embedding the fonts into a document. The printer itself requires all fonts to be embedded as it is not equipped with pre-set fonts. What this means is that if we were to send a document to the printer without all of the fonts embedded, parts of the project would likely not be printed and there could likely be giant blanks throughout the document.

When exporting your PDF out of whatever program you're using, there should be a checkbox option stating to embed fonts. If you're not seeing this as an option, you may want to run your PDF through a converter such as FoxIt, which should be able to get those fonts embedded into your document for you (:

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

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Alice Coleman
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Embedded fonts?

Posted:09 Nov 2017 (22:29 UTC)
Hi! I wrote a book in Word, printed it, illustrated it, scanned it, and made a PDF. When I try to upload it, I'm told the fonts must be embedded. At this point, the fonts are more like illustrations. Is there any way around this? Thanks for your help.