Printing 13" by 10" Aperture Books

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Re: Printing 13" by 10" Aperture Books

Posted:09 Apr 2018 (15:47 UTC)
Hi Stan,

I believe you emailed in and we got this all fixed up for you (:
For future reference, you can print any book that is in the same ratio, in multiple sizes! IE. when you upload an 11x8.5 book, you can print it at 13x10, 14x11 an even in smaller sizes!

Warm Regards,
Stan Holcenberg
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Printing 13" by 10" Aperture Books

Posted:05 Mar 2018 (15:52 UTC)
I have made a number of 11" by 8 1/2" Aperture large books with ease. I am now trying to make a 13" by 10" extra large book and get the following message after doing the "Buy" and "Save as PDF" steps:

.... "Invalid Paper Size - Change the Custom Paper Size to the correct value, or choose "Scale to .... fit paper size".

.... How to choose "Scale to fit paper size".
.... 1. Choose Paper Handling from the print option pop-up menu.
..... 2. Select "Scale to fit paper size", and choose the size of the paper which you want to print on
..... from the Destination Paper Size pop-up menu."

I cannot find a way to set the proper paper size (13 x 10) as an option that will work. I have the book ready to go in Aperture and hope there is a way to do this. I appreciate the guidance. Thany you.
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