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Re: Full page spreads

Posted:09 Apr 2018 (16:12 UTC)
Hi Christina!

The overlap for 2-page spreads should only be .25". So setting those guides at .25" and 8.5" is correct (:

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Full page spreads

Posted:05 Apr 2018 (02:24 UTC)
I am looking to purchase a 8.5x11 vertical book. Using Photoshop I have my canvas size set a 8.75 x 11.25. I have my vertical crop guides at 0.125 and 8.625. For the 0.25 inch photo overlap for the full page spread, does that 0.25 inches include the already accounted for 0.125 crop guide, so a overlap guide should be located at 0.375 and 8.375 inches? Or should the overlap guides be at 0.25 and 8.5 and not account for the crop guides?

Thank you
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