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Re: Genealogy

Posted:03 Jul 2018 (19:52 UTC)
Hi Keith!

In order to print your project at our 14"x11" Landscape size, you'll need to re-size your PowerPoint Slides to a comparable size (as 14"x8.5" is a different ratio than the 14"x11" size). Our 14"x11" is available in 2 different options, one is our Wire-O Softcover and the other is our Imagewrap Hardcover.

What product works best is all up to personal preference! For more information on these products, you can view our help page here:

If you have any other questions, please let us know!
For the best assistance, we suggest emailing us at (: We email back within 1 business day.

Warm Regards,
Keith Thomas
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Posted:01 Jul 2018 (13:50 UTC)
Looking to use your service to print bulk copies of my family tree I've developed in Powerpoint (Windows for MAC) with pictures. Which book type is best suited? My powerpoint is in 8.5 x 14 landscape, but looking to print in 11 x 14 landscape. Thank you. Keith
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