Printing a book from multiple PDFs

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Re: Printing a book from multiple PDFs

Posted:19 Sep 2018 (17:53 UTC)
Hi Amanda,

I believe we spoke a few days ago about this, but I'll post my reply on here as well in case others have the same question (:
We do not have the ability to combine PDF's on our end, though there are a few alternatives that have worked for many customers of ours.

If you're using a MAC, Apple Preview is a great tool that allows you to combine PDF's right on your desktop!
If you're using a PC, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat program (or find a similar program) that can combine PDF's for you.

For any additional questions, please email us at

Warm Regards,
A Clark
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Printing a book from multiple PDFs

Posted:17 Sep 2018 (19:18 UTC)
I have many PDFs that I want to print into a photo book. I can't seem to upload multiple PDFs for one book. Each time it loads one PDF, it deletes the PDF that I uploaded before. Is there a way to do this?

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