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Posted:14 Dec 2018 (15:52 UTC)
Hello Georgina,

We had indeed replied your emails, though as stated, since we are right in the middle of the holiday season, so our response times are taking the full 1 business day estimated.

We reviewed your concerns and a resolution was provided to you via email.

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support
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Recent order

Posted:11 Dec 2018 (07:07 UTC)
I am really disappointed with my order - received 2 albums that I had previously printed through Apple (before that service was discontinued) and the difference between quality is astounding. The PrestoPhoto albums are terrible quality even though photos were taken by a professional photographer. It has poor resolution - so much so that people's teeth appear black out because the photos are so fuzzy. Ordered albums to give as a gift to parents/parents-in-law but cannot gift them because they look so cheap (even though I spent a lot of money on them). Paid $100 to get it shipped before Christmas - now I can't gift them anyway so that was a waste of money. No response to complaint email and request for refund.
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