Calendar created in iphoto

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Re: Calendar created in iphoto

Posted:27 Dec 2018 (18:02 UTC)
Hi Peter,

The "border" you see are our crop guides. For calendars, we typically crop around 1/2 way through the red guide. This is very similar to the amount of cropping that Apple did on their calendars. All products, regardless of size, have a level of trim required to ensure the final product has that "finished" look everyone is accustomed to with printed products (:

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at or via Live Chat.

Warm Regards,
Peter Kwiatkowski
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Calendar created in iphoto

Posted:16 Dec 2018 (01:17 UTC)
Hi I wasn't aware until I spend 4 hours creating a calendar in iphoto as I had in previous years that apple had discontinued. I have a pdf of the calendar I created. however, it is putting a border around the calendar and saying any graphics in that border will be cut off. I read though that although the calendar is smaller than apple's 10X13 size that the adjustment could be made without any issues. Can you this border something I need to worry about?
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