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Re: Quantities

Posted:09 Jan 2019 (19:20 UTC)
Hi there,

The quantity will depict the quantity of the product ordered. Since the produce you're ordering is a "pack", the quantity is for each pack, rather than the total number of physical books you'll receive (:

IE. A quantity of 2 mini book 2-packs will result in a total book number of 4.

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Posted:28 Dec 2018 (21:14 UTC)
HI There,
When I go to order 20 two-packs of mini books it says the quantity is 20 (not 40 as would be expected if I were getting 2 - 20 packs). Can you confirm that the mini book are packaged as offered (in 2, 3 and 4 quantities) and that the Quantity shown is the quantity of packs, not the quantity of actual books. I want to confirm I am getting what I think I am getting.