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Re: Templates for PDFs

Posted:25 Feb 2019 (17:09 UTC)
Hello Karyn,

Since we offer support for many different programs, it would be quite difficult for us to offer templates for each and every program in all the sizes we offer. This being said, we are working on creating templates for many of our standard sizes in some of our most popular programs. If you've got a specific question on setting up a project, please email us at support@prestophoto.com with information on the program you're using, the size and product type (IE. Softcover/Hardcover) and we will be able to assist further from there (:

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Karyn Kloumann
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Templates for PDFs

Posted:22 Jan 2019 (18:26 UTC)
Why don't you have templates for every book type and simple spec information about creating PDFs? I see templates only for book sizes that I do not want to use. I was forced to click through many pages before I found any PDF specs...which were not at all clearly stated or informative.
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