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Help with dust flap

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Re: Help with dust flap

Posted:21 Mar 2019 (13:27 UTC)
Hi Lisa,

We do not currently offer Dust Jacket on our square books, which is why you're not seeing that as a part of your project. We're hoping to have those added in the near future, though at this time there is not a solidified timeline for those being available.

Warm Regards,

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Lisa Resnick
Joined: 21 Feb 2019

Help with dust flap

Posted:15 Mar 2019 (18:02 UTC)
Hi, page 2 of my PDF is the dust flap that has a photo and comments from the old Apple book. When i uploaded the pdf, page 2 (dust flap page) doesn't show up. How can I get the dust flap on my 12x12 photo book?