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Posted:16 Apr 2019 (20:46 UTC)
Hi Roger,

Thanks so much for your feedback!

We do completely agree that shipping costs to Australia are quite high. This being said, our shipping prices are determined by the shipper themselves, so we do not have much wiggle room, and unfortunately don't actually have the ability to change these rates at this time. We're constantly exploring new options for our international customers and do hope to have better options in the near future.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Warm Regards,
Posted:15 Apr 2019 (09:28 UTC)
I am so happy I found your service as I have really missed the iPhoto templates.

But your shipping costs to Australia (Fedex rapid @$83) are so high and waiting 2-4 weeks @ $14 is not in line with your competitors. I import stuff regularly from the US and your prices are truly at the top end.

I will be a customer anyway and will have to wait, but I reckon you can offer much better rates. So often, Australia is treated as "treasure island" as we are held to ransom on shipping costs.

Please have another look at your rates compared to suppliers..

Thank you.

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