Seamless Layflat Panoramas

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Re: Seamless Layflat Panoramas

Posted:16 Aug 2019 (19:32 UTC)
Hi Jeffrey,

When working in Affinity Publisher, you do not need to split your Panoramic Image. If you were to split your image, manual overlap is extremely difficult to calculate for and could result in your spreads not aligning exactly, which is not what you'd want (:

If you have any other questions, just let us know via email to !

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Jeffrey Sevier
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Seamless Layflat Panoramas

Posted:15 Aug 2019 (03:55 UTC)
I am creating a Layflat Seamless book with panoramic images that span two pages. I am using Affinity Publisher on a Mac using parameters recommended for InDesign for document setup. I'll print the document to PDF. Do I need to cut my panorama in half then position both halves on opposite pages within the margin boundaries? Or can I drop the entire panorama into the file spanning two pages?
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