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Tim Weaver
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Re: Layout queries

Posted:03 Sep 2019 (18:10 UTC)
Hi Mark,

We're glad you like the app! Here's the answers to those questions:
- The "Snap" button turns the smart snap to photo / text box positions on and off, and also allows you to find the center of the layout vertically and horizontally.
- Currently there is no way to change your grid size in the current iteration of the App.
- Everything on the outside of the orange line will be trimmed, or not shown on the printed page. You still want to keep your content from touching the edge of that line, as currently it is set to .125 inches, and we suggest a .375 inch margin around all page layout designs to prevent cropping of important information.
- We are working on speed boosts with every release, and double page spreads are top on our list of features to add to the app.

Warm Regards,
Mark Levesley
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Layout queries

Posted:31 Aug 2019 (11:41 UTC)
I've spent the morning playing with the latest Presto book app for Apple Photos. And I like it. Finally I'm able to create books with the same sort of ease and flexibility that I had with Aperture (a program that I dearly miss).

I have a few queries, though.
• What does the 'snap' button do when I'm editing a page? I was expecting it to snap text or photo boxes to a grid but it doesn't seem to do this and I'm unsure what it actually does.
• Is there a way of changing the grid size. I like to create my own template pages with a mixture of photos and text and it would be super helpful to have a grid to do this but the current grid is just a bit too big for my liking.
• I assume that the red/orange line around a page is the border for printing, and that anything within this line will print on a book and everything outside it may not print. But perhaps you can confirm.
• Only two other requests - make it faster and add double page spreads!

Many thanks.

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