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reorder my book

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Re: reorder my book

Posted:30 Sep 2019 (14:24 UTC)
Hi Robert,

To order the book as a Text Only, you'll need to re-upload your book as a Text Only book. You can do that at this link here:

The Text only option should be selected automatically, so leave it selected and follow the same process of uploading as you did before.

Warm Regards,

reorder my book

Posted:28 Sep 2019 (21:04 UTC)
I wish to reorder my book except change the order to a text only book. The pdf file is already in your possession. The first order inadvertently omitted specifying text only and was more expensive. I only have black and white photos.

I struggled for a while trying to find a way to place the order with the different book type but was thwarted every time.

Please help.
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