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Page Size vs Bleed

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Re: Page Size vs Bleed

Posted:16 Oct 2019 (18:02 UTC)
Hi RocketMan,

Thanks for reaching out, here's some answers for your questions:

1. We suggest sticking with our initial instructions of creating the 8.25" X 8.25" with an 1/8" Bleed as advised for our printing process.

2. Please make all content reach to the bleed marks, as it may leave a white sliver if you do not during the printing and cropping of your book.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Page Size vs Bleed

Posted:08 Oct 2019 (07:27 UTC)
Hi PrestoPhoto,

So I am creating a file to print one of your 8"X8" books using InDesign, and you all instruct to create a file of 8.25" X 8.25" with an 1/8" Bleed. Two questions:

1. Can I create the document page size as 8"X8" and make the bleed 1/4", or does that not work because you trim the prints on all 4 sides?

2. Using the set up instructions posted on this page, should I be making my non-vital material reach the bleed marks, or just the end of the page size (since it has 1/8" more than the actual size already)?

Thanks for your help - excited to get this thing printed!
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