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Concerned - why only replies to the good feedback

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Re: Concerned - why only replies to the good feedback

Posted:05 Nov 2019 (20:48 UTC)
Hello Gary,

Many of the customers who have posted on the forums with questions or concerns in regards to their orders have actually reached out directly via email to our Customer Support line and have received assistance there.

If there was not a reply on the forums about an order concern, that is because the issue had already been addressed in a private reply via email, as these forums are meant more for general questions rather than addressing specific order concerns (as those are a bit more intensive and require more details/images/etc).

Hope that makes sense!

If you have any specific questions for any one of the forum messages, please feel free to send us an email to (:

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Concerned - why only replies to the good feedback

Posted:04 Nov 2019 (18:44 UTC)
New to the site, concerned why are only customer feedback with good things to say are responded to? The one about waiting for months and no book, nothing to say?
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