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trouble uploading my book

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Tim Weaver
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Joined: 10 Jul 2005

Re: trouble uploading my book

Posted:03 Dec 2019 (21:15 UTC)

Hi Deb,

It sounds like your book was caught up on the last page, please try closing Apple Photos, then re-opening Apple Photos, and opening your project again. Click the "Buy Now" button and it should finish uploading.

If you are still having issues, reach out to us by email at:

Warm Regards,

deb woods
Joined: 03 Dec 2019

trouble uploading my book

Posted:03 Dec 2019 (03:57 UTC)
my iPhoto book has 40 pages and it just sits on page 39 uploading and never finishes. I have clicked on the triangle with the ! inside and it says to hit upload again to upload last pages, but that never works
can you help?
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