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Tim Weaver
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Re: Not Apple Quality

Posted:20 Dec 2019 (14:26 UTC)
Hi spudgirl,

To best assist you, please send in photos to our support email, of the photo book in question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Warm Regards,
Tim from PrestoPhoto
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Not Apple Quality

Posted:14 Dec 2019 (17:53 UTC)
I've printed many iPhoto books in the past. Like others I was disappointed when Apple discontinued their printing service so I tried PrestoPhoto for my next book. My partner was so excited to get his new book but when it arrived we are quite disappointed by the quality. The images are either washed out or too dark, not something we want to put on our coffee table to show friends. A real waste of $70. I'm currently uploading the file to another company for a reprint. I will not be recommending PrestoPrint to anyone.
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