Cover size for Full-Wrap 8X10 Hardcover

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Tim Weaver
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Re: Cover size for Full-Wrap 8X10 Hardcover

Posted:20 Dec 2019 (14:42 UTC)
Hi Jason,

Full wrap covers aren't a thing we can give a blanket sizing for, because they always depend on how large your book is (the more or less pages your book has, the size will change based off the new width of the spine). For spine sizing, see this page: Book Binding and Covers.

After you have the spine width, your cover dimensions are 8.25"x10.25" (one extra quarter inch) per side, so add all of that together when creating your full imagewrap cover. See more information about designing covers here: Cropping and Bleed

Use caution with the spine: we cannot guarantee placement of elements specifically on the spine of your book in a user uploaded full wrap cover. Shifting can occur during the case wrap of the book, so we suggest adding all spine text via the Spine Text portion of the PDF upload.
Jason Beachy
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Cover size for Full-Wrap 8X10 Hardcover

Posted:19 Dec 2019 (21:33 UTC)
I am unable to find a size guide or template for a full-wrap hardcover 8x10 cover. I have uploaded an image file but the layout viewer is stretching and distorting my image so I think I have the wrong proportions. I'd appreciate it if you could direct me on proper cover image sizing.
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