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Re: Picture and page frames

Posted:03 Apr 2020 (15:34 UTC)
Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out (:

I believe you may be referring to our crop guides. These guides are there to help you in regards to placing your content so that it is safe from being cropped during printing. For all regular sized books, we suggest keeping your content within the outer red guide, and for mini books, you'll want to keep your content within both the red and yellow guides.

You can read more about our crop guides here: https://www.prestophoto.com/help/Cropping+And+Bleed

If you have any other questions, please let us know via email to support@prestophoto.com

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Picture and page frames

Posted:28 Mar 2020 (23:39 UTC)
Hi: How do you get rid of the thick frames around individual pictures (I'm using the Elite template) and the frame around each page, they both just get in the way of the photos and text I want to insert. Or change the colour of the page frames? Thanks for any help. Are there any clean templates that don't have those? They are really annoying to work with as you think you have things sized right, then when you do a preview you find the frame blocks part of what you want in the picture - frustrating.
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