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Re: Useless

Posted:04 Aug 2020 (18:34 UTC)
Hello Russ,

In reviewing your conversations with us, I do see that our customer service rep was doing her best to pinpoint the issue you were having. When she attempted to clarify your concern, you ended the chat abruptly stating "Sorry, its your UI that is clunky and not user friendly. I will go to Vistaprint. Thank you for wasting my time."

We do our best to assist our customers with all of their issues, though do understand that we may not be the right fit for everyone. We by no means intend to waste anyones time, as this would also subsequently waste our own time.

I can certainly try to assist you if you're still interested, though do completely understand if you're wanting to proceed with a different company. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to reach out to us at

Warm Regards,
Russ Smith
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Posted:04 Aug 2020 (16:18 UTC)
Tried for over 30 minutes to get assistance with my printing project but your UI and your customer service rep could not assist me. Why offer a service if you can't even get your interface t work properly. Also, please train your staff on how to assist customers, rather than wasting their time. You need to check into Vistaprint and see how their interface works. It is light years ahead of you guys.
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