5x8 format for text books

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Re: 5x8 format for text books

Posted:11 Nov 2020 (17:17 UTC)
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your suggestion!

Currently, we do not plan on adding any additional Text-Only Book sizes but if we ever do want to add additional sizes, we will certainly look into the 5x8 size!

If you have any questions, please let us know via email to support@prestophoto.com

Warm Regards.
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Tony S
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5x8 format for text books

Posted:12 Aug 2020 (16:22 UTC)
I would really appreciate a 5x8 format for text books.
It's a VERY common format for paperbacks,
and Vellum produces a beautiful version.

Also, I don't see how to search the forum topics ...

Thank you!
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