Are there errors on this page?

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Re: Are there errors on this page?

Posted:11 Nov 2020 (17:53 UTC)
Hello Uri,

Thanks for your post!

1. It looks like that link was accidentally added to the table of contents list twice. We have removed the duplicate link.
2. We have updated to a new Captcha system that should alleviate any issues you have.

If you have any questions, please let us know via email to

Warm Regards.
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Uri Geva
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Are there errors on this page?

Posted:23 Sep 2020 (00:35 UTC)
(1) In the section "Printing Specifications" showing links above on the right side, both link #4 and link #5 are identical and point to the same page --->>

(2) As I was typing this comment, the "I'm not a robot" feature, keeps losing its green check-mark every few seconds, requiring me to click it multiple times. After this happened several times, clicking the box does not restore the green check-mark and does not re-display a visual query. I had to reload the page, which caused me to type this comment all over again. This is quite annoying. (I'm using the latest version of Firefox browser.)

I thought you may want to know and maybe correct these issues.

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