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Re: Split PDF

Posted:08 Apr 2021 (18:04 UTC)
Hello Rosann,

Thanks for reaching out!

To split your project you would need to edit the PDF that you are uploading. Depending on what program you're using there are ways to split a project into 2 PDFs so that you can upload those into 2 separate projects on our site. If you're unable to make changes to your project or are just needing a bit more specific assistance we recommend reaching out via email to support@prestophoto.com and we can assist from there!

I hope this helps!

Warm Regards,
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Rosann G
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Split PDF

Posted:04 Apr 2021 (16:55 UTC)
I'm trying to print a large PDF and your website tells me to split it since it's so big. How am I supposed to do that? There is no option for this. Do I guess?
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