how many pages?

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Re: how many pages?

Posted:01 Jun 2021 (18:59 UTC)
Hi Lily,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

Our page count minimums and maximums will vary based on the specific product you're interested. We typically do not suggest including more than 275 pages per book as the larger the page count, the more stress there is on the spine of the book. With this being said, some of our products can bind up to 600 pages.

I hope this information helps but if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out via email to

Warm Regards,
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lily hardiman
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how many pages?

Posted:28 May 2021 (14:20 UTC)
how many pages can be fit into 1 book? My PDF has around 1000 pages and I want to know how many books it would take to fit it all in?
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