Back Cover Picture is Upside Down

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Re: Back Cover Picture is Upside Down

Posted:22 Jun 2021 (18:12 UTC)
Hi Sandra,

Thanks for reaching out!

Typically if an uploaded image is previewing upside down or sideways it is due to a rotation specification in the image itself. What this means is that in the details of the image (the invisible information that is embedded in the image that tells us important details such as size, resolution, etc) is stating that the image was either taken or should be displayed in a different rotation. Very rarely images can be negatively affected by this information, causing the preview to be incorrect based on what the image should look like, such as what it sounds like you're seeing with your current project.

A quick fix is typically to open the image on your computer and rotate it 360degrees or so that it is in the proper orientation and saving that. This can "reset" the orientation/rotation information in the image specs which can fix any improper rotation of the image when uploading to our site.

If you're still having issues with your back cover image being upside down I would recommend reaching out to us via email at or via Live Chat (hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST) with your Project ID# and we will be able to assist in more detail (:

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Sandra Walker
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Back Cover Picture is Upside Down

Posted:21 Jun 2021 (23:54 UTC)
Why is the back cover picture upside down? The original picture is the right orientation, but whenever I upload the picture it appears upside down. I have tried to upload an inverted picture and it still shows up as being upside down. Why? What needs to be done to correct this?
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