Very happy with results

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Re: Very happy with results

Posted:08 Jul 2021 (19:35 UTC)
Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for ordering with us and for your feedback!

We are so happy to hear that you are pleased with the service and product you received (:

In regards to your comment on price, we do our absolute best to price our products as low as they can possibly be. We take pride in offering our customers products at all price points to ensure that everyone can be provided with an amazing keepsake!

We really appreciate your feedback and hope to see you creating projects in the future with us too!
If you have any questions or need any assistance, just let us know!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support
Jan Rotunno
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Very happy with results

Posted:08 Jul 2021 (04:04 UTC)
This was my first photo book, so I needed some help. I called the number and got a recording that they prefer live chat. So I used the live chat and the rep was very helpful and patient with all my questions. Once I understood, the website was very easy to use. I put all my photos and captions into a Word document, all arranged exactly as I wanted it to appear in the book. Then I put it into PDF to upload to I put in the order on 6/25, and requested the SuperSaver shipping. It shipped on 7/2 and arrived across the country on 7/7, a total of 12 days. Everything went as the website described, and the book turned out really nice, actually better than I expected. It’s a shiny hardcover with 150 premium paper. I would give it 5 stars, but a friend told me about a site that would have cost me 1/3 what I paid. I went to that site and checked the price and she was correct. BUT that site did not offer the 150 paper–the highest was 80. Maybe the 80 would have let the photos show through, I don’t know. But I’m very happy with what I got.
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