Resize a foramtted book project

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Re: Resize a foramtted book project

Posted:31 Aug 2021 (19:49 UTC)
Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for your post!

For us to be able to best assist with this question we will need a bit of specific information. I would recommend reaching out via email to with your existing Project ID# and details on what size you're wanting to change to. If it is possible, our team will be able to advise the exact steps to take to make this change!

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting from there!

Warm Regards,
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Stephen Bean
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Resize a foramtted book project

Posted:30 Aug 2021 (12:12 UTC)
Hello, I have a book project formatted on Apple Photos/PrestoPhoto and would like now to resize it. Is this possible and how is it down?
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