Too expensive if non-American

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Re: Too expensive if non-American

Posted:30 Nov 2021 (20:53 UTC)
Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback!

I know we spoke via email but I also wanted to reply here as well, in case this reaches you more easily.

Conversion rates are automatically updated nightly via our payment processor. I have alerted my web developer of a potential discrepancy in conversion so that he can review and ensure that we are using the more accurate and up to date conversion rates. If there were discrepancies, I can assure you these were not intentional.

If you have any other feedback, please feel free to reach out and we will do our best to assist.

Warm Regards,
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S. Fisher
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Too expensive if non-American

Posted:17 Nov 2021 (12:38 UTC)
When you change to a currency that is not $, the cost is not properly calculated into € or £ using international exchange rates; instead it increases by some 40%, which is a MASSIVE hike in price if you are not American. The additional £/€20 for postage (of a very lightweight parcel) means this become uneconomic for basically the rest of the world.
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