Fedex International Economy is terrible

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Maurice Smith
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Fedex International Economy is terrible

Posted:26 Nov 2021 (11:47 UTC)
The recent book was beautifully produced and I was delighted with the overall quality.

I'm less than delighted with the Fed Ex delivery service; when we returned from shopping we found the book lying on the steps to our house, the packaging in a very poor state with one end torn open.

We could have been away for a few days in which case the book could have been stolen or damaged by the rain, we get windy rainy weather here in Brighton by the sea.

This is no way to treat an item that with delivery cost $121.27, not to mention all the time spent creating the book.

The next time I will take a cheaper option and have the book delivered by the British Post Office which leaves a note after an unsuccessful delivery and the option of having it delivered at a later date or picking it up at the central post office.
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