Disappointed with how the book was put together

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Re: Disappointed with how the book was put together

Posted:14 Dec 2021 (21:25 UTC)
Hi there Mary Lou,

Thanks for reaching out!

I know that we resolved this issue for you via email but I wanted to reply here as well.
Per our conversation, the issues that you saw were production errors that slipped through the QA checks due to the increased holiday volume we receive. A resolution was provided to you, which you seem to be happy with (:

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please let us know.

Warm Regards,
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Mary Lou
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Disappointed with how the book was put together

Posted:01 Dec 2021 (22:39 UTC)
I received my 5”x5” lay flat book and have concerns with how it was put together. The pages that adhere to the front and back covers were not centre at all. As well when you check the spine the book interior is coming away from the cover, which concerns me as I don’t think this book is going to last long. It doesn’t lay flat without assistance.
I will commend the turn around time - which is a comfort during the busy Christmas buying season
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