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Re: color of the page

Posted:25 Mar 2022 (20:43 UTC)
Hello Jackie

Thank you for your post!

The pages that you have expressed concern with are what we call the end leaf and it is integral to the binding process for hardcover products. The default color that our production floors use is a black/dark grey and that is what you are seeing in your preview.

With that being said, when you place your order you can leave us an order comment and we will reach out to our production team to see if they are able to produce your book with white end leaf. This is not a guarantee and we would certainly try to meet your request.
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color of the page

Posted:06 Mar 2022 (22:15 UTC)
I am done uploading the pdf file. the book looks exactly how I want it to print, but the pages before pg 1 and after the last page are dark black in the preview. Why? I did not specify a color and it should be white. Please advise. Thank you
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