Use two galleries in one book

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Re: Use two galleries in one book

Posted:17 Sep 2009 (14:07 UTC)
Hi Dave,

If you are using the ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto Book Designer, there is no need, as you can mash up your book from any gallery - just click the small camera icon, then select the other gallery.

For the ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto Book Machine, you can easily do what you want by creating a new gallery, and place both of your Flickr galleries inside it - it works just like folder on your desktop.. To do that, first create a new gallery. Don't upload new images, just leave it empty. Then go to your Flickr galleries, and edit them with with the small wrench icon Image the click on the "Gallery Memberships", check your new gallery, SAVE.

You can then use the ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto ((PrestoPhoto Book Machine to create a photo book using the new, top level gallery that contains the two flickr galleries.
Dale Toews
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Use two galleries in one book

Posted:17 Sep 2009 (10:23 UTC)
I'm anxious to get going on a book creation here and have quickly synced two galleries from my flickr page but can't for the life of me see how I can combine those two galleries in order to design one book using them. I have zipped the files and am uploading them but that's a four hour process. Seems like a waste of time since they're already visible in my account...
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