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Color and page order

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chris zweifel
Joined: 12 Feb 2013

Color and page order

Posted:19 Feb 2013 (16:18 UTC)

First time user here.
I am creating a 30 page book.

Am I correct in assuming that page 1 is the the leading/introductory page for this book version also? (Turn the first page and page 2 and 3 are a spread?)
Page 30 would be the last/credits page?

The instructions below are a bit confusing.

15) Prepare pages for the left and right facing pages. With every book on PrestoPhoto, page 1 will be a right facing page, with the exception of the Seamless Layflat. If you are creating the book with the intention of the pagination flowing as spreads, then make sure you create page 1 as a leading page or an introduction page - begin pages that will flow as spreads at page 2.

Another concern I have is that when I drop a Photoshop sRGB jpeg file into the Book Designer the color momentarily looks great and then morphs into a slightly red looking final version.

Have read all of the "Color Info" on your site and understand it well.
I am working on a calibrated workstation and get predictable results with other printers.

My subject matter is all people so red skin tones would not be good.