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Re: dust cover

Posted:04 May 2016 (00:17 UTC)
Christina, greetings, I see you have your front and back cover image for you project. It could be that your PDF was saved improperly with iPhoto and this caused your dust jacket flaps to end up as the first and last interior pages of your book.

To fix this, you must follow these steps:

1. Complete your book in iPhoto
2. Save your book as a Special Book PDF
-CTRL+CLICK (or right-click) on iPhoto background to activate extra menu.
-Select "Save Book as PDF..." from menu
3. Upload the PDF to your PrestoPhoto project
Here is a screenshot that shows the correct way to save it as well: http://www.prestophoto.com/products/images/iphoto-saveaspdf.jpg
Christina Palesh
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dust cover

Posted:30 Apr 2016 (18:58 UTC)
Have been trying to upload pictures for a dust cover and the back cover keeps going to the back page and doesn't show up like the flap for the front cover. Is this a software problem or will the back flap not print. Also, continuing on with my earlier question about deleting pages because my PDF allowed for a dust cover and entered those pages like regular pages. Still need to delete pages and know that my dust cover will be intact. Please answer asap because I need to get this book printed I have many more books to get printed and need to perfect this ordering process.
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