Beware of presto photo advice

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Re: Beware of presto photo advice

Posted:24 May 2016 (12:49 UTC)
Miguel, I am so sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your book. It looks like you created your 2014 book using InDesign and there is a thin white border around some of the full bleed pages and then there is a large white border around some of the other pages . Page 15 for example has a larger white border. While pages 14, 17 and 18 have thin white borders. We are happy to help figure this out for you if you would like.
Miguel Neumann
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Beware of presto photo advice

Posted:10 May 2016 (21:43 UTC)
I have done two projects with Presto Photo. The first was two years ago and the result was excellent. The second just completed and the result is unacceptable.

The same type of file that produced the first, quality result was submitted for the second job. It was rejected because it didn't meet the technical specifications (presumably these had changed?) - note that these specifications did not make sense to me having worked in the design and production industry for 15 years in three countries.

Despite that a revised file was prepared according to these specifications - the resultant book had random white margin pieces around certain photos instead of a clean line as with the previous iteration.

Very disappointed and will certainly not be ordering again which is a shame since when correctly executed the books were lovely.
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