Apple "small softcover book"

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Re: Apple "small softcover book"

Posted:26 Jul 2016 (15:51 UTC)
Hi David! Currently our 3.75x2.5 is only available when using our Book Designer or when a PDF is created in that ratio. This would be due to our mini books being mostly in a Wide Landscape, while Apple offers a Standard Landscape size.

This will changing in the not so distant future though! Around mid-late August you'll be able to order these sizes with your Apple PDF. :)

I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at!
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Apple "small softcover book"

Posted:10 Jul 2016 (02:43 UTC)
is this the same "Small Softcover Book" that used to be offered by Apple in iPhoto? Do you have any photos of the finished product as I am keen to create a number of them.

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